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…and the Off-Season begins!

With one more race on my personal calendar, a 10 mile run, I’ve started to transition bike workouts to an off-season lower volume/higher intensity model.

After focusing on those long zone 2 endurance rides for the last several months I’m really feeling the need to start building back some higher end power. Soon I’ll do an FTP test to see where I am, but probably not for a few weeks.

I find these workouts to actually be easier than most say a race prep workout with longer intervals. Thats not to say the intervals are easy, but the shorter amount of time at high outputs just feels more manageable. Also, since there aren’t any more triathlons coming up - the duration probably won’t go beyond 45 minutes during the week.

With that said - here’s a taste of this week’s bike workout:

7 mins progressive warmup

10 mins low z2 - 65-70% FTP

3x30 sec at 140% ftp with 30 seconds recovery in z2

10 mins low z2 - 65-70% FTP

4x30 sec at 140% FTP with 30 seconds recovery in z2

10 mins low z2 - 65-70% FTP

2 min cool down

Not too complicated, but enough to start reactivating some unused anaerobic pathways. Probably wouldn’t do more than one or two sessions at this intensity per week. I’m also looking forward to throwing in a few Zwift races per month.

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